an update on our advent

I've written a couple posts about how we planned to celebrate advent with our kids. I mentioned that I made an advent wreath and picked up this children's devotional to read daily. Now that Christmas is just days away I wanted to share how things worked out in real life. We can have the best intentions but kids will be kids and sometimes we have to adjust our expectations.


First up, the advent wreath has been great. The first week we did it Liam didn't understand WHY we couldn't light ALL the candles. He had a little mini-meltdown but we recovered. Also the first week we took way too long reading different Scriptures and whatnot. It was too much for the kids to sit through. So with the the rest of the weeks we decided to keep it short and sweet. We usually read a Bible verse, talked about that week's candle meaning, and sang a song of Liam's choosing. Then we prayed and blew out the candles. Nothing fancy. 

Every day we tried to read Unwrapping the Greatest Gift from Ann Voskamp. We skipped a couple days here and there but for the most part we did actually sit down and read it everyday. I sometimes would skim over some parts and instead of reading the exact questions at the end of the reading I would make up a similar more age-appropriate question. 

All in all I would say we had a very successful advent season with the kids. It was sometimes tough getting them to pay attention or understand what we were talking about - but overall we made the point clear, "it's all about Jesus." 

It's the beginning of a great tradition and I'm excited to see how it grows and develops over the years. Has anyone else been celebrating advent with young children? How's it going?