month 11

There's just something about when your baby turns 11 months. It always takes me by surprise. In just one little month my baby will no longer be a baby. She will be a one year old, she will be bordering the line into toddlerhood. She will soon say goodbye to formula and bottles. She will probably start walking within the next few months. We're on the verge of so much change.

I'm always happy to hit the one year mark because it means we have survived the first year. I find baby's first year to be so difficult; and as sweet and as special a time it is, I like saying goodbye to that stage. Toddlers are difficult in their own way, but they're also a lot of fun. 

This month has been a big one. Isabel just got over an awful case of the stomach virus. I really didn't think we would get through it without losing our minds. I never want her to get sick like that ever again. We're still working on getting our nights back on track. But even before she was sick nights were pretty bad. She wakes constantly and starts her day so dang early. It's killer. I don't know if we should try sleep training again or what. 

These days she is very insistent and determined. She points to what she wants and won't stop pointing and grunting until she gets it. She's a pretty picky eater and rejects most purees. She prefers to feed herself so I usually chop up a bit of whatever we're having and let her go at it. The exception is yogurt, she loves that stuff and could eat it all day long. She's going through a separation anxiety phase and is closest to her daddy. I don't mind the daddy's girl thing but I'm hoping she gets over the separation anxiety thing soon. It makes stuff like going to church or out on dates very difficult when she doesn't want to stay with anyone but us. 

Her favorite book is "At The Zoo." It's one of those Sesame Street dollar books (Liam loved "Bubbles Bubbles"). She likes singing and can usually calm down with a little song. She is utterly fascinated with her big brother and thinks he's the funniest guy around. 

I'm starting to think about how in the world I'm going to transition her from the bottle to the sippy cup. She knows how to use a straw cup but doesn't drink much from it. She mostly plays with it and throws it around. And she likes spitting her beverage out of her mouth and all over her shirt. So I don't know. Any tips out there?? I'm also eager to get her off the formula (expensive!) and on to another type of milk. I suspect she may have a dairy insensitivity so I don't want to do cow's milk. I'm not really keen on goat's milk either (it's not cheap, plus she hates goat milk yogurt). I'm thinking I'll just do almond milk. That's what I did with Liam when I weaned him from breastfeeding. Again, any tips are welcome!

Here is the princess in her 11 month photo.