This Too Shall Pass

This to shall pass. As a new mom this statement is repeated over and over again. Sometimes we will go crying to our own mothers about how exhausted we are and they will say, "this too shall pass." We will be talking with an older woman at church about how our toddler won't stop screaming "no" all the time and they will say, "this too shall pass." In a moment of desperation we will post a question on our facebook status at 2am asking WHY won't this baby sleep??? And someone will answer, "this too shall pass." 

I'm not going to lie, it can be such an irritating response in the moment. And we don't feel like it will pass. We feel like we will be stuck in an eternal state of sleep deprivation and anxiety and snot all over our clothes. This will never pass! Except it will. 

The nice thing about having a second child is that you can see that everything is temporal. I don't worry as much with Isabel because I can see through Liam that everything is just a phase. I see him now at two and a half years old...he can run and he obeys when I tell him to do something and he sleeps through the night and he can entertain himself while I finish up chores and he's no longer teething... So even though we are going through difficulties with Isabel I know that a year from now it will be just a memory. We might as well have a good sense of humor about everything and enjoy these fleeting days. This too shall pass.