two and a half

Liam is two and a half today. It's remarkable how much he's grown in the last six months. He astounds me every day with the words that come out of his mouth. It's a fun age, but also a very challenging age. He's definitely a defiant little boy sometimes. There are moments where I just want to wring his neck. But he also aims to please. I can tell that he so desperately seeks our love and approval. He's sensitive and kind and bullheaded and he knows what he wants. 

He still loves swimming. He loves dogs. He loves his teacher at school. He loves his friends and cousins. He could eat yogurt and apple sauce all day long. Even though I vowed to never give my kids flavored milk he is now a huge fan of strawberry milk (I buy organic, so it can't be THAT bad, right?). He loves his sister. He is constantly giving her hugs and kisses and saying she's a princess. The other day he told me he loves Jesus. Hearing him say that makes my heart so happy and it's my prayer that his love for God will increase as the years go by. He loves to sing. He sings all day. He doesn't really like it when I try to join in though. He's fiercely independent but still a complete mama's boy. He loves going to church and school and Trader Joe Joe's (as he calls it). He loves going anywhere. He still loves the iPad. He has developed a new love for Spider Man but doesn't like the "Bad Man" (Iron Man) or the Hulk because they're "mean." 

I say it all the time, but he really is an amazing little boy. Happy half-birthday, Liam. We love you!