my last baby

Today is Isabel's final day as an official baby. Tomorrow she will be one and knocking on the door to toddlerhood. I'm left astounded at how quickly this year went by, especially compared with Liam's first year. Perhaps as a first-time mom I was too frazzled and scrambling to catch up with this new mommy thing. I've since settled into my role as a mother and have tried my hardest to enjoy and cherish these last 12 months. 

Isabel is my last baby. There will be no more Acevedo children (unless God surprises us of course), so this moment is especially bittersweet. I'm excited for what's to come. Sometimes I look at Liam and I think, "that's going to be Isabel in just a year's time." I'm getting a little preview of what she will be doing and saying and thinking. I'm excited to see her take her first steps and begin to put together sentences. She won't be a tiny thing anymore. She's growing and learning. I'll miss the cuddly sweet baby Izzy...but I'm looking forward to the curious funny little girl coming our way.