month twelve

I usually write these posts ahead of time and try to publish them at the beginning of the day, but time got away from me and I've been spending every waking moment just breathing my kids in, especially Isabel since it's her birthday. 

Today has been wonderful. We sang "happy birthday" to her three times and she loved all the attention. She got to open a couple of presents and have her first taste of cake (Boston creme cake, yum!). She smiled and played and had a fantastic day. 

When I think about where Isabel was a year ago and how much she has grown I can hardly believe it. A year ago she was a tiny thing, freshly emerged from the womb (butt first no less!). When I look at her newborn photos I can't believe it's the same girl. She went from an itty bitty sleepy baby to a wild rambunctious little girl. All in the blink of an eye. 

These days she's doing a lot of talking. She tries to mimic words like ball, yogurt, and Liam. She's crawling more than ever and cruising along furniture. I give her two or three months to start walking. She loves playing with water, going up and down the slide, giving high fives, blowing kisses, and playing hide and seek. She seems to have mostly gotten over her stranger anxiety and will often go into other people's arms willingly. She still isn't a fan of the church nursery but I'm hoping if we are consistent she will get over it sooner rather than later. We switched her over to almond milk from formula and she's a huge fan. She chugs that stuff down. I'm still not switching her off of the bottle though...I'll give it some time. And her favorite person in the entire universe is her daddy. You should see her face light up when he enters the room. She is a daddy's girl through and through. I love it. I think it's adorable and I hope they will always have that special bond. 

Happy birthday, little lady. You have been a ray of sunshine in the life of our family. Each day when you wake up you have a huge grin on your face. I'm so thankful for your sweet nature. I pray that you will always be full of joy and peace that comes from the Lord. We love you, Izzy!