Shout out to the Fearless Formula Feeder

You may have seen last week that I wrote a piece for What To Expect about choosing to formula feed Isabel. I received a lot of positive feedback for my article which made me feel amazing! I'm happy to be the voice for so many women who feel judged for formula-feeding. Then, of course, there were some negative comments. I will never understand how moms can be so cruel to each other. It seems to me that we all know this is a tough job and we should be rooting for each other, not tearing each other down. Thankfully I have pretty thick skin and mean comments from the lactivists don't really bother me. I mean, have you seen how perfect Isabel is? Clearly I haven't done her any injustice. 

So I just want to give a shout out to the website that helped me out immensely when I first started on this formula-feeding journey, the Fearless Formula Feeder. The woman behind the blog (and book!) is incredible and intelligent and just wants to bring women together. She started the I Support You movement which is all about letting all moms know that they are supported in their method of feeding their baby...whether that's breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. What a novel idea! Women being kind to each other instead of hostile! 

And thank you so much, FFF, for posting my article on your Facebook page. I appreciate the support!