I'm back!

Wow. I kind of took an unexpected break from the blog. I needed it though. Last week was just busy for our little family. We had so many fun outings...DISNEY, a Disney Jr. Live show featuring Jake and Sofia the First, a fun movie night at church, a Day Out with Thomas, and a housewarming party for my family. 

We had such a fun first trip to Disney as a family of four. Thanks to all who gave us tips. I think if anyone ever asks me for tips I will just say keep your expectations low and have a sense of humor. Patience is key with these little ones. I have to say, though, that my kids were troopers. We had a few meltdowns here and there but nothing out of this world. It helped that the weather was fantastic and not too hot and we went on a day that wasn't too busy. I think my favorite part of the whole trip was when we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's (make your reservations NOW). Liam was so pumped about meeting all the characters. It occurred to me while we were there that Liam believes that he was meeting the REAL Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, etc. How amazing is that? That child-like sense of wonder and belief. I love that he believes with his whole heart that these characters are real and not some dudes in costumes. This age is magical and wonderful. (Thanks mom and dad, for making this trip a reality!)

I hope you all had a great week last week and didn't mind that it was quiet on the blog. I definitely plan on being around a lot more this month...especially as we prepare for Isabel's first birthday!

Here are a few of my favorite instagrams from our Disney trip...and if you're not following me on instagram, find me there, it's my favorite.