Isabel's Sweetie Pie Party

Liam is on spring break this week so posting has been pretty sparse as we've been busy having all kinds of fun, but here I am! I'm finally posting some photos from Isabel's Sweetie Pie birthday party. 

I had the idea to make Isabel's first birthday a "sweetie pie" theme because, have you met her?! She is the ultimate sweetie pie! I also liked the idea of having all the food be pies. On the savory side we had chicken pot pie (made by Fireman Derek), pizza pie, and empanadas (made by Alex's aunt). On the sweet side we had apple pie, strawberry pie, and mini key lime pies (made by Fireman Derek), and s'mores pies in jars (made by Papa Cherry). Everything was so delicious. We also had some pie-shaped cookies made by Lee Lee's Cakeabilities. So cute. 

The main party colors were red, teal, and pink. My mom did a great job decorating and I have to give a shout out to m'girl, Steph, for making the banners. We rented the facilities at Coral Pine Park for the party which was perfect. The kids enjoyed playing outside in the playground and we made a little play space for the babies inside. 

Unfortunately we were all enjoying the day so much that we failed to take too many photos with the big camera, so below you will find some instagram pictures as well. Thank you to all who made the day so special. I love having family and friends who enjoy helping as much as they do. We love you, guys!