No Yelling for Lent

I've written before about my propensity to yell. I come from a "spicy" family where we have no problem raising our voices to get our point across. I say that I'm passionate but really, I have an anger problem, and it's not pretty. I hate the look on my kids' faces when I yell. I hate the way I make my husband feel when I don't control my outbursts. It's just not Christ-like. [Note: I'm not saying it's bad to have a "spicy" family...we are definitely spicy and I love it, but lashing out and yelling in anger isn't just spicy, it's ugly]

I realized on Monday that the Lenten season was starting today. I haven't been very good about participating in Lent since I left the Catholic tradition. Southern Baptists in general don't think about Lent too much, at least not in any formal way. This year, however, I decided that I wanted to fast in some way. I kept racking my brain trying to find something to fast that would be meaningful to my spiritual life. Should I give up soda? Social media? Meat? None of these felt right. And then it came to me, this morning as we were walking Liam to school, "Yelling. We should give up yelling for Lent." Alex agreed and here we are...not yelling. I'm sure we will fail. I'm sure Liam will do something infuriating and I will lose my cool and slip up. I'm sure I will have a moment of frustration where I will want to simultaneously burst into tears, scream into a pillow, and hide from the world. I will feel bad, but that's where God's grace comes in. After all, this is supposed to be a challenge, I'm supposed to die to myself and my sin and cling to Christ. If I could do this with no problem then what would I need Jesus for? 

So how are you participating in Lent this year? I'm looking forward to the growth we will experience through this fast and I'm hopeful that by Easter Sunday angry yelling will be so foreign to our family life that it won't be returning.