4 Misconceptions About Young Stay-at-Home Moms

I'm pretty young, or at least I look young, because strangers on the street always give me the side-eye when they see me out with my kids. Sometimes they're bold and will even ask me how old I am. When I tell them that I'm 28 they kind of breathe a sigh of relief, "Oh, well you're young but not that young." When people find out that on top of being a young-ish mother I'm also a stay-at-home mom, well, they practically feel sorry for me. Even amongst my friends I've discovered that there are so many misconceptions that people have about young stay-at-home moms, here are my top four:

  1. I'm uneducated. For some reason it's hard for people to imagine that an educated woman would choose to stay at home over going to work. When I mention that I have a master's degree people can't even mask their surprise. "Really?! Wow! I had NO idea." Ummm, yeah. Why is that so hard to believe? I'm pretty sure I will go back to work someday, but for now I like staying home with my babies. And even if I never went back to work, my education has been put to good use
  2. My pregnancies were unintentional. Alex and I wanted to get pregnant. We talked about babies for months before deciding to take the plunge. I even tracked my ovulation cycle so we could know when would be the best time to conceive. We were 25 but we felt ready and totally did this on purpose. 
  3. I take naps every day. Ummm NO. I'm playing with my babies all day. And when they're napping I'm doing everything I can't do while they're awake: sweeping, mopping, folding laundry, cooking, writing, blogging, etc etc etc. I do NOT take naps every day or even every week. Sometimes I will sit down and watch a TV show, but that's it. 
  4. I'm unhappy. I'll be the first to admit that I've gone through my bouts of postpartum depression and anxiety. It's been difficult to deal with but even in the lowest pits that I've experienced I have always known that I really am happy and I wouldn't choose anything else for my life right now. I love that we chose to have kids on the "early" side of life and I love that we have been able to make it work so that I can stay at home with our kids. I love this crazy season of life we're in. So you don't have to ask me if I'm bored (I'm not) or try to give me ideas for how I can go back to work (I don't need to right now). I'm good. 

What kind of assumptions do people make about your situation? Are you a working mom who people assume loves her career more than her kids? Are you a stay-at-home dad who people assume is lazy? Or maybe you're single and child-free and everyone thinks you must be dying to get married but you're really not? Comment below and share with us.