Conflict in our Story

Our church has been going through a series called "This is My Story." This series has been an incredible blessing to me and many others, I'm sure. Yesterday Pastor Rick talked about conflict and it was really something I needed to hear, even though I didn't know I needed to hear it. 

I'm in a season of life that's pretty chaotic. I have two young kids that fill my days with laughter and screaming and running and singing and disciplining and not sleeping. My husband and I tend to butt heads quite a bit. Raising children is stressful on a marriage and we have to deal with conflict often. I find myself wishing away all the conflict we deal with. I want to just live a quiet peaceful life. But then, that would be boring, wouldn't it? What would my life be without all the craziness that currently consumes it? 

I admit that my faith wavers at times. At 3am when the baby is screaming and won't go to sleep. When Liam refuses to obey simple commands and throws a tantrum instead. When my husband and I are having the same argument for the 326th time. When we run out of money before we run out of bills. Pastor Rick explained that sometimes there is a gap between what we expect from God and what He actually delivers. It's in that gap that our faith is tested. We can fill that gap with doubt or trust. Well, I'm tired of doubting. I know the truth. I know that God loves me and has His best interest for my life. I know that He cares for me. I know that His ways are not my ways. I know that He has a plan. I want to live a great story, so I'm trusting Him in the gap. 

You need to hear this sermon from Pastor Rick. Truly one of his best. Click here to watch it.