the nice thing about a big church

I'm an introvert. I get fairly nervous in large groups and sometimes a little socially awkward around people I don't know. It's for this reason that I've always said that I prefer small churches. It's the reason I was excited to be a part of a church plant in Denver. A small intimate church setting seemed to be right up my alley. And it was definitely nice and comfortable. I enjoyed it. 

When we moved to Miami we decided to join Christ Fellowship, which is quite a large church. I felt a little apprehensive about joining such a big congregation, but I knew God was calling us here. At first we went to the Coral Gables campus which is a little smaller and more intimate than the main campus in Palmetto Bay. I think it was a great way of easing into a new church and I still miss that campus. They're doing awesome things over there in Coral Gables. However, we have since moved to the Palmetto Bay area...just one block away from the church! With small children and hectic schedules it makes sense for us to attend that campus. I'm not gonna lie, I was not excited about it at first! Just thinking about the crowds of people that are always present on Sunday mornings at PB was making me anxious. Honestly, most of the time I keep my head down and weave through the crowds without stopping to talk to anyone. Last Sunday, however, as we were sitting in the service I started looking around at everyone and felt differently. Our campus is so diverse and beautiful. I saw old people and young people. I saw people from all different races and ethnicities. I saw people dressed to the nines and people dressed in jeans and old t-shirts. I saw people in wheel chairs, deaf people, tall people, and short people. I saw people dressed conservatively, people dressed in culturally traditional clothing, people with tattoos. I mean, I think you get it, all kinds of people. And we were all gathered together, united by Christ. 

This. This is what I love about Miami. This is what I love about my church. I love that our church has become a place where so many people feel welcomed and loved. And, let's be real, you don't often see such diversity in a small church, you just don't. So that's the nice thing about a big church...seeing a picture of what heaven will look like, with people from every nation and tribe worshiping God

So maybe my introverted self doesn't always feel comfortable with the crowds of people, but I thank God for them. I thank God for my big church. 

Follow CF on twitter at  @cfmiami.  

Follow CF on twitter at @cfmiami. 

By the way, if you live in Miami and are looking for a church please visit mine! There are many campuses and service times to choose from. In fact, I think Easter would be the perfect time to visit. It's coming up soon and we have 42 services to choose from featuring live music, preaching, egg hunts, and more. I'm excited for Easter at CF. Hope to see you there.