Disney Baby!

You guys, I have the most amazing news to share with you today. This is something I've wanted and prayed about for quite some time and it still feels surreal that it's even happening. As of today I am officially a blogger for Disney Baby. ::insert hoorahs here::

Have you ever been to the Disney Baby site? It's one of my favorites. A lot of my favorite blogger friends write for them and I've so enjoyed reading their content. I'm completely humbled that I was even asked to join the team. I'm seriously sitting over here like, "who, me??" 

Obviously I'm going to continue to write here on Glowing Light because this is my home and where I feel the most free to express every single part of me, but I hope you will also join me at Disney Baby. I'm excited to start this new and unknown journey and I would love your support along the way. 

Click on over to Disney Baby now to read my introductory post. Love you all!