Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day so I wanted to pop in and wish a very happy one to my own mom. I think that the older I get the more appreciate her. There were a few years in there where I thought I knew better than she did, but with time she has proven to be pretty wise. ;-) I'm thankful that she is always always there for me. I don't have to wonder if I can count on her. I don't have to wonder if she cares. I don't even have to wonder what she's thinking...because she will let me know,  believe me, she will let me know every single time.  

I also want to give a special thanks to my grandmother. For a long time I lived with my grandmother just the two of us. She cooked, cleaned, helped with my laundry, etc etc etc. And then when we moved back to Miami we lived with her for a little over a year...and once again, she cooked, cleaned, helped with the laundry. And she also helped me with my kids whenever and however she could. What a saint of a woman! Gracias Abuelita! The quiero muchisimo y estoy agradecido por todo que has hecho por mi. 

Hope you all have a blessed day. 

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