You guys, I am so excited to share with you about "regroup." This is a new ministry that my church has started and I am participating in. 

Ever since I became a mom it has been on my heart to help other moms. This gig is's the greatest blessing of my life, but it ain't easy. After Liam was born I got hit hard with breastfeeding issues, anxiety, extreme sleeplessness, postpartum depression... And I felt so alone. I didn't know who to turn to or what was normal or how I was supposed to do this motherhood thing. 

Some months ago our church announced they would be starting "regroups." "ReGroups are care, recovery and support groups designed to help us overcome life’s challenges together. These unique Small Groups provide a safe place for people to find God's comfort and strength during the trials, storms and struggles that come into each of our lives." Instantly I knew I had to join and create a group specifically designed for new moms. I went through the training, did a lot of praying, and now I'm preparing for this group to launch in June. 

The name of the group is "Your New Normal." (Catchy, right?) Because once you become a mom you start wondering when everything will be "normal" again, only it never will be...but you will adjust to your new normal, and it'll be fantastic. I promise. 

If you're a mom living in Miami and you're searching for a place to find some support, this is the place. We'll be going through this book and talking about what it's like in the trenches. God's grace is big enough for you, rest in Him. 

Check out this video that talks about Regroup. Hope to see you there.