Liam's First Year of School

This is Liam's final week of school. I'm so sad that it's [almost] over! Liam has really thrived in his school and truly loves his teachers and friends. I have watched him develop and learn and blossom. We will be sending him to camp at the school over the summer for a few weeks, but most of his time will be spent with me and his sister. Not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous for how the summer will turn out, but I think now that the kids are a teeny bit older we will be able to go on more fun adventures together. (If you're also at home with your kids this summer let's set up some play dates ASAP!)

I wrote about the top five things I learned during Liam's first year at school for Disney Baby, so make sure you click over to read that. And please share about your experience with your kids in school as well. See you over at Disney Baby!