How we kicked off our summer...

It's summer time! I'm so excited for the next few months. I think I'm going to have so much fun with my littles in tow. They both love the water so I see many water activities in our future. 

The other day I was looking through Marshall's when this slip-n-slide caught my eye. I had to purchase it because - hello! - summer. I was planning on keeping it hidden for a while but Liam saw it in my closet and immediately wanted to play with it. 

I made him hold out until yesterday, the last day of school (sidetrack: I had to fight hard to keep the tears in, if you follow me on instagram then you know Liam received the crown of wisdom and the citizenship award...I'm so proud of my guy and will really miss his wonderful teacher). As soon as Alex got home from work we set up the slip-n-slide on the front lawn and the kids had a blast playing with their dad. I took lots of pictures and tried to restrain myself from posting them ALL on social media. If yesterday is indicative of how our summer will be...then it's going to be a fantastic (and wet) summer. 

What are your summer plans?