Chasing Dreams

My blogger friend, Heidi, wrote this wonderful blog post today that really has me thinking (go check it out here). It's basically a piece that's exploring the question of how serious we are about our dreams and what it takes to achieve them. 

I'm currently in a place in my life when I'm figuring out where my true passions lie. I have a few different interests but I'm really not sure what I want to invest all my time and energy into. I'm also a little bit of afraid of the work and the "hustle" and the possibility of failure. 

I'm also trying to be okay with the fact that it may not be my time yet. I have two young kids to care for at home and they are my priority. In one year Isabel will be starting school with Liam. At that time I'll have more options and a heck of a lot more time. So instead of getting all anxious and ahead of myself maybe I need to just chill and enjoy this season in life. 

Are you currently chasing your dream? How's it going?