Date Hour

All over the internet are articles and blog posts talking about the importance of date nights in a marriage. They make it seem like if you don't have a weekly date night once a week you are DOOMED. Well, Alex and I have never had a weekly planned date night. And now that we have two young children, date nights are few and far between. 

At this point we're settling for date "hours." We may not be able to spend a whole evening wining and dining but we can find an hour to go for a quick bite or even just sit in the car in the parking lot while someone kindly watches our children. I love when we can get away for these shorts stints. I love laughing with my husband and conversing without interruption. I love holding hands and hugging without some jealous toddlers breaking us up. It may not seem like a lot of time to reconnect but it is perfect for this stage of life we're in. We like being home in time to tuck our kids into bed.

Do you and your spouse have regular date nights? Maybe the "date hour" concept is right up your alley. ;-)