There is no right way...

I think we all know this. At least on a head-level. We know there is no right way to parent. But on a heart-level, it's hard to fully embrace that sentiment. We second-guess ourselves and look at how the Jonses are doing it. And we think we certainly have it all wrong. But the thing is, we don't. 

We are all so different. Different cultures, personalities, religions, passions. Some moms come up with creative activities to keep their little ones busy all day while others tell their kids to go find something to do. Some moms make elaborate and healthy meals while others heat up a frozen meal because there's just no time. Some moms breast feed exclusively and others formula-feed and still others do a combination of both. Some dads go to work everyday for long hours while others find fulfillment being stay-at-home dads. Some kids have calm and even temperaments while others fly off the handle easily. Some parents believe that their religion should be their guide in raising their children while others don't see it as a factor.  

There's just no right way to parent. There's just the way that works for you and your family. So let's stop beating ourselves (and others) up. Let's quit with the judgement and let's support one another. This parenting gig is hard enough as it is without all the drama.