Alex's 29th

Alex turned 29 over the weekend. We celebrated by road tripping up to Orlando. We enjoyed Typhoon Lagoon with Alex's mom and stepdad, Downtown Disney with some old friends and their kids, and breakfast at Ohana with Mickey and friends. I love being able to take these little vacations as a family. When the kids were very young I hesitated going anywhere because a break from routine was monumental in their little worlds. But as they grow it becomes easier to push naps back a little and do exciting activities with them. 



But this blog post is about Alex. He's 29 now and it's hard to believe we will soon be entering our 30s. I've been by his side for the past nine years. I've been able to witness him grow from a 20 year old kid to a 29 year old husband and father with a legit full time job. He has matured in so many ways and always blows me away with how awesome he is. He still has that child-like joy though. He makes funny voices and lame jokes and almost always has a smile on his face. 

I'm glad I've been able to be with him throughout his 20s. My love for him just continues to grow and I am so looking forward to the next ten years. The 30s will be pretty fabulous.