Send me to Influence! // Portraits for Influence

I've decided to take the plunge and go to the Influence Conference. I've had my eye on this conference since last year. I remember seeing everyone's blog posts and instagrams and tweets and I just knew this was the conference for me. I decided I would attend the next conference no matter what...

But then life happened and I got scared. I mean, I'm a huge introvert and the conference isn't cheap and I don't want to leave my babies! So I kind of talked myself out of it. But the desire to go has never left me.

Alex has assured me that he will take care of the kids (and he's totally capable) and I'm just gonna tell my introverted self to suck it up and go for it. The only real issue left is the money (airfare, hotel, etc). I don't have much time to save up since the conference is in September. So Alex and I are offering Portraits for Influence. 

We will be offering 6 one-hour photography sessions for $100. If you've been wanting to take family portraits...or maternity photos...or head shots...or anything contact me so we can book your session. You can check out Alex's website with his portfolio here. You will be able keep all the hi-res photos from your session. 

So, c'mon, help a girl out. Send me to Influence! 

Also, if you're going to the Influence Conference and would like to meet up make sure you contact me! I'd love to meet you.