My Joy

Isabel has always been a daddy's girl. They bonded quickly and intensely. I was really happy because Liam has always been a mama's boy and can often be at odds with Alex. 

Lately, though, Isabel has really been taking to me. There are definitely times when she wants me and only me - and when she finally gets in my arms she gives me the tightest and warmest hug. It's an amazing feeling and I cherish it. 

Isabel is getting to such a fun age. I remember when Liam was about a year and a half we really started having fun. Park outings and silly games and the beginnings of verbal communication. Isabel is 16 months so she's almost there. Her personality is shining through and let me tell you, she's a funny girl. She loves belly buttons and might want to see yours so she can point to it and laugh. She thinks Liam is hilarious and always giggles at his antics. She's not walking independently yet but she will grab your hand and drag you everywhere she wants to go. And her sleep is slowly but surely improving. Hallelu! 

We have so much fun everyday and I'm glad for this time when we get to build our relationship. Before she starts going to school. Before she grows up and gets sassy. I know that this mother-daughter thing has an ebb and flow and I'm so grateful for the flow right now. This girl is my joy.