An Update on Influence Conference

You may remember about a month ago I set out to raise money to attend the Influence Conference. Alex helped me in offering six portrait sessions for $100 each. I was really nervous about this little project. I know how exhausting it can be to constantly have people asking for money but I was hopeful that since I was offering a service and not just for charity that I would be able to raise the full $600 to cover the cost of the ticket plus airfare. Well, you all definitely came through and I'm happy to say that we did it! We raised all the money!

I just want to thank those of you who spread the word and those of you who participated in the portraits. I'm humbled that so many of you wanted to support me in this venture. This is a whole new world for me and I'm stepping out in faith that this is where God wants me. I really feel that this conference will be a huge blessing and learning experience for me. 

I will be leaving at the end of September so be sure to follow along with me as a I blog, tweet, and instagram about the conference. Thanks again!