She Walks!

Last week, the day before Liam's birthday party, Isabel finally decided to take her first unassisted steps! You can't imagine my joy and relief (seriously, I was starting to get worried) when she decided to start walking. She was so proud of herself and it was written all over her face. Every time she does it she has the biggest grin. Obviously I had my phone ready to go because I could tell by the way she had been acting earlier in the day that it was starting to click. So when Alex got home from work I told him to try to encourage her to walk while I took videos and pictures - and it worked! 

She still isn't completely confident. I mean, she walks perfectly - seriously, not a wobble! - but for some reason she has some fear and it takes a lot of encouragement to get her to try taking a few steps. I'm just happy that she can do it. Since she was born butt first I've always had a fear that she would have hip issues (even though the doctor has always said she is perfect) and I wondered if it was affecting her walking ability. But she has proven once again that she's just fine  and just likes doing things in her own time. Hopefully she will soon gain the confidence to really take off and then we'll really have some fun. ;-)