Inspirational People

Someone once told me that I seem to surround myself with a lot of creative people. It's true. My friends are all so artistic and talented. I admire each of them for how their mind works and the product they turn out. And I brag about them every chance I get. 

Via  VRSLY . 


There's a reason I surround myself with these creative people - they're inspirational. I'm not exactly artistic. I mean, I've dabbled in almost every artistic endeavor - photography, painting, music - but I've not excelled at any of these things. My personal creative outlet is writing. But being around creative people, no matter what their skill or talent is, inspires me to think creatively as well. I'm just trying to keep up with their level of awesome-ness.

I've also found that creative people are some of the most positive people I've met. Most of the time they want to lift you up and push you to succeed. I love that. It's not about the competition, it's about putting something out in the world that's beautiful and inspirational. 

Via  VRSLY .


My creative friends really make my life better. They inspire me to think outside of the box and be positive. I suggest you find individuals who will also lift you up. Let go of the negative people in your life and surround yourself with inspirational people. Because ain't nobody got time for Negative Nancy's.