Isabel at 18 Months

Yesterday was our little lady love's half-birthday. It's hard to believe she's 18 months already because in my eyes she's still such a babyyy. She's still the sweetest thing and charms almost anyone she meets. She can by shy around new people but really shines around those she knows and loves. 

She's just starting to gain more confidence with walking. Although she knows how to walk perfectly she prefers to hold someone's hand to get around rather than walking on her own. I'm not sure why. She seriously walks perfectly without falter so I don't know why she's lacking confidence. Little by little though she's letting go and walking farther distances on her own. 

She says quite a few words: mama, papa, leche (it sounds like "lecchhh"), night night, Liam (Eee-Umm!), Bibi (her favorite person), agua, mouth (mouf), shoes, go, yogurt (go-gu), etc. And she understands SO much. I can ask her yes or no questions and she responds by either nodding her head yes or vigorously shaking her head and saying, "No no no." Why do they always learn how to say no before yes?? 

She's really been enjoying swim class. I wouldn't say she's a great swimmer (the girl refuses to kick her legs! lol) but she sure has a lot of fun in the water. She also recently started day care part time and has adjusted quickly. She cried the first week, but by the second week she knew the routine. I think she likes her teacher and seems to be enjoying her time there. 

She knows all the parts of her face (and her toes!) and is obsessed with belly buttons. She is constantly showing hers off and wanting to see everyone else's as well. I believe her favorite show is Barbie. Any time I let her pick a show on Netflix she chooses Barbie (it's actually a pretty funny show). She also loves Daniel Tiger and Super Why. And her all-time favorite movie is Frozen. (Oh, that's another one of her words - Anna!) Whenever we watch it she sits there mesmerized. 

Any time this girl can get outside she goes for it. She will grab me by the hand and walk all over the front yard. I try to take her out often. She's not very patient in a shopping cart if I do need to take her grocery shopping or for a Target run I try to get it over with as soon as possible. I guess she likes to be free. 

Her sleep is...improving. When we switched her to the bunk bed she did SO well the first two nights. We didn't hear a peep from her all night. Since then, however, she wakes about once a night. Sometimes she will go back to sleep easily with a bottle of milk but every once in a while she will not want to go back to sleep. I don't really stress too much about it because I know she will sleep through the night eventually (as Liam now does), but man, it's annoying being interrupted from peaceful slumber every night!

That's our little girl in a gist. We love her like crazy. She's definitely the princess of this house and is adored by her dad and big brother. We're all so thankful for her. 

P.S. I wrote a little post for Disney Baby about why this age is my favorite...check it out!

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