#influenceconf Link up!

I can't believe that soon I will be at the Influence Conference along with about 300 other women. This is my first conference (and the first time away from my babies!) and I'm excited to see what God has prepared for us there. 

The ladies of the Influence Network are hosting a little meet and greet link-up so I'm playing along to get to know some of the other ladies who will be attending the conference. 

So, first of all, HI! I'm Kristel. I'm a 29 year-old wife and mother living in Miami, FL. My husband is Alex. He's my favorite person ever. He works for our church (Christ Fellowship Miami) as a videographer. My kids are Liam (3 years old) and Isabel (1.5). I loooove my kids! I've been a stay-at-home mom since my first was born and it's been such a sweet (and challenging!) time. I'm currently in transition though. I'm wanting to dedicate some more of my time to writing. I currently contribute to Disney Baby and it's been so much fun. I'm hopeful that God will provide me with more opportunities to share my writing. 

I'm a huge introvert. Like, big-time. But like Lindsay says, I like people too. I attended Southeastern Seminary and earned my master's in Biblical Counseling. I've not been able to practice counseling in any formal way - but I love sitting with people one-on-one and just talking and listening to their story. I love community and connecting with people in a genuine way. 

The part of the conference that I'm most excited about is learning from some inspirational people! The speakers and workshops all look amazing. It'll be great to hear from others and find out how to be a godly influence both on-line and "in real life."

The one thing I won't be leaving home without is my phone. :-) I need to be able to Facetime with my babies, after all! 

Looking froward to getting to know you, ladies.