6 AM

Ever since we got Liam a bunk bed he has been doing a great job sleeping in his room all night. Every once in a while he will make his way over to our bed in the middle of the night. But most nights he stays put. 

He always wakes up early though. Really early. 6am early. I can hear his feet on the tile before he even reaches our door. He walks quietly up to our bed. All I see is his dark little figure since the sun isn't even up yet. He doesn't say a word, just reaches his hands up at me. I pull him into bed and we cuddle. He always falls back asleep, and so do I. 

I love that he does this. I love that he still likes to cuddle with his mama. I love that he lets me sleep all night and that even though he's sure to wake me up early in the morning, it's only for a cuddle and to go back to sleep. 

I've been thinking about waking up early to get a good start to the day. You know, maybe exercise, get breakfast started so we eat more than cereal in the morning, read the Bible... But I honestly can't imagine a better start to my day than this. 

Someday he will outgrow this habit. He will be a teenager, unable to move his body from his own bed until well past noon. And then I'll have my mornings to be productive. For now, I choose little boy cuddles.