It's time to build

I just got back from the Influence conference and I'm feeling all sorts of ways. Throughout the weekend I felt so encouraged and hopeful, but I also felt absolutely wrecked. God used those speakers to pierce my soul and reveal all the ways in which I'm living for my own glory instead of His. It was downright painful at times, but not without purpose. It was refining. 

So now that I'm back and figuring out how to move forward. I'm taking some time to just sit with God. I want to do things His way. I want to make sure that I'm building his kingdom and not my own. 

And then I'm going to start building. Because the time is now. 

I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my favorite quotes and take-aways from the conference. For now I'll leave you with this gem. Remember this because it's so important: Every single day I have influence because I am in Christ and Christ is in me. (Thanks for that, Haley.)