Hustle Hard

I've never been much of a "hustler." I've always been naturally good at a few things so I did those things and didn't bother challenging myself. Since I became a mom I've been focused on raising my babies and wondering, "what am I going to do when I 'grow up?'" I haven't had much direction or ambition in terms of a career. But now I'm actively trying to change that. 

Here's the thing, I'm afraid of failure. I really don't want to fail! But if I don't at least try then I'll be living a pretty sad existence. I don't want to spend my life playing it safe...and I don't want my kids to think that they shouldn't try and hustle for their dreams. 

So I'm going for it. And sometimes it feels like my heart is in my throat and my legs might give out - but I'm going to hustle hard. And my friend, Steph, has created the perfect shirt for inspiration. I love this t-shirt design (and all the other ones too - we own them all!). Get yours today.

What about you, friends? Are you hustling for your dreams? How do you get inspired?