Favorite Quotes from Influence Conference 2014

There were so many amazing take-aways from the Influence Conference. I think I heard exactly what God needed me to hear, even if I didn't really know I needed to hear it. I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the speakers at the conference. These are the phrases I'll be mulling over in my head and hopefully they will spark something in you as well.

"[God] uses all of your past and your gifts and your interests. He can find you in the place where you find yourself to make Himself known." -Hayley Morgan

"God loves to find people where they are. He loves to equip them with His Spirit to make His good news known." -Hayley Morgan (I found this to be so helpful as I have been struggling with believing that I have any sort of talent/skill that God can use.)

"Your influence is not about how cute you are or how many followers you have. Your influence is in Christ alone." -Hayley Morgan (Amen!)

"The gospel is like a diamond, it's beautiful from a billion different angles. Just look at it closely at each side and tell the world about it." -Hayley Morgan

"Fear will keep us at home, it will keep us silent, keep us from encouraging, keep us from shining our light." -Whitney English

"We're so busy chasing the Joneses' crazy dreams that we forget about God's." -Whitney English

"The struggle is part of the story." -Whitney English

"God can change anything. He can make the impossible possible." -Lara Casey (this woman's session was truly life-changing)

"God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things when they are surrendered to Him." -Lara Casey

"God loves His kingdom. He hates my kingdom. He loves when I build His kingdom." -Jess Connolly (this was the first time I heard Jess speak...she's hysterical and so real, if you get the chance you should definitely give her a listen)

"God says: take this business, take your influence, take your passions and just use them for Me." -Jess Connolly

"When I say: Trust me, I'm going to build this thing and give you glory. God says: Trust ME, if I want to build this thing, it will be for my glory." -Jess Connolly

"Sometimes we want to be for God, but we are not with Him." -Jess Connolly

"God is out for His glory, but He is gracious... He doesn't want me to work for approval, He wants me to work from His approval." -Jess Connolly

"Repentance brings refreshment." -Jess Connolly

"There's something hopeful about humor." -Sammy Rhodes (this dude is just as awesome in person as he is on twitter by the way)

"Approval is a lover that always breaks your heart." -Sammy Rhodes

"We long to be deeply known and we long to be truly loved...we believe the lie that 'if enough people like me I'll feel loved.'" -Sammy Rhodes

"The curse of approval is you and I can never really know what others think of us. The cure of approval is we can know what Jesus thinks of us." -Sammy Rhodes (Preach! So thankful God loves me no matter what.)

"It is time for you to make sacred focused time for what God has put in your heart." -Nancy Ray (don't settle for the "I'm too busy" excuse!)

"It's not about being successful, it's about being faithful." -Nancy Ray 

I know reading all those quotes back-to-back can be a little overwhelming. It was overwhelming for me to sit and listen to all these amazing speakers in just two short days! But I encourage you to sit on a quote or two and just let it roll around in your head. Think about what the quote means and how you can apply it in your own life. Be still. Let God work in your head and heart. 

As I've returned home and to normal everyday life I have felt the fear and the worries creeping back in. I've felt the panic rising inside as I wonder what I'm supposed to do with my life and how God is going to work here... So instead of having a major melt-down (which I've been known to do in the past), I'm sitting still and remembering what I learned this past weekend. I'm choosing to remember that God is working and will continue to work. I can rest in Him and let go of all fear.