Something that our pastor has been talking a lot about in recent weeks is vision. Now, I have to admit that I'm not much of a visionary. In fact, I have a problem of being too inward-focused. I sometimes get swallowed up into myself and I can't even see what's happening around me. It's been refreshing for me to go to church each week and learn about vision. 

Our pastor says that, "Vision sees the way things are, and then envisions the way they could be." I love that. I'm starting to view life in a new perspective. I'm trying to see the potential in everything and everyone. It's been a positive change in my thinking. There are three areas specifically that I'm trying to cast vision in for myself:

  • Family. Being a wife and mother are probably my two most important roles. I don't want to fail at these things. I want to nurture these relationships with my husband and children. I want my marriage to be honoring to God and inspirational for my children. I want my kids to grow up to be world changers. 
  • Work. I want to take my work to another level. I want my writing to lead people to Jesus. I want to work in ministry. Even if it changes just one person's life, that's enough for me. I don't know exactly how God will use me, but I'm offering myself and my work to Him to use as He sees fit. 
  • Miami. Okay, I once hated Miami - and since we've moved back I've grown to love it. Miami is a great place, it truly is, but it can be better. I want to help make it better. Thankfully my church has a lead on this and they're doing whatever it takes to serve this city. 

Vision is powerful and fuels hope. Since thinking about these areas of my life and prioritizing them I'm feeling a lot more positive about the future. I see how the future can be and it's pretty bright. 

What vision casting have you been doing in your life?