when you're angry with God

I realized something today. God and I, we're kind of on the outs lately. I'm feeling frustrated and maybe even a little bit mad at Him. 

I know that can be a little taboo to admit, but it's the truth. There have been a few things that have happened lately that have left me questioning, "Why, God??" 

The popular response to this is probably, "God's ways are not our ways. He has a plan for the future, a plan to prosper you. It will happen in His timing. Keep the faith." 

And let me tell you, it's really hard not to roll my eyes right about now. 

I know these things are true. I know God has a plan that is far greater than my own. But right now I'm feeling a little bit like I'm not getting what I need. I'm on edge. 

I thought I was mad at certain people or situations. But the truth is, I'm mad at God. After all, He's in control, isn't He? If He wanted to sway minds or change circumstances He would, wouldn't He? But everything remains unchanged. For whatever reason I'm not getting what I think I should get. And I'm having a hard time reconciling that. And it's putting a strain on my relationship with Him. 

I've realized that I need to vocalize my frustration to Him. I need to let Him know that I'm upset. That's what I do whenever I'm upset with my husband or a friend. I let them know. We hash it out and before we know it, it's squashed. My relationship with God is the most important one I have, soo I need to let Him know how I'm feeling. We need to hash it out. And then it needs to be squashed. 

The Bible says that we can lay our burdens at the feet of Jesus. He will remove the heavy yolk we carry. I think God can handle it when we're mad at Him. He understands that we're human, that we don't see the big picture. He understands that we will sometimes waver in our faith and have doubts. He won't reject us or make us feel less than for having these thoughts and feelings. Instead He will meet us where we are. He will hold His arms open. He will comfort us.

It's time I sit with God and vocalize my frustrations, fears, doubts, and struggles. I need to allow Him to do His thing and quit running away from Him. 

What about you? Is there anything you need to discuss with Him? Are you feeling frustrated? Are you maybe a little angry with Him? Go to Him. He won't turn you away or belittle you. He is your Heavenly Father and He will hear you out.