Isabel is Two

It's official, you guys. I no longer have a baby. It's so weird to be moving on with life, moving past the baby stage. The past three years I've been consumed by all things baby. It's been about cribs and bottles and wonky sleep schedules. Well, I'm sure the wonky sleep schedule isn't going anywhere because we're talking about my kids after all. 

But when I look at Isabel I see a little girl. She has all these cute toddler idiosyncrasies. She loves her rain boots and tutu. She would wear those items everyday if she could. She loves to be silly and play with Liam. She loves playing outside on the swing set. She's doing everything she can to keep up with her older brother. She'll run after him for hours. 

She still doesn't talk much, but she's definitely forming new words all the time. She counts to ten and can name various animals. She can work an iPad like a pro. Her favorite movie these days is "Tangled." 

She can be shy when she first gets around a group of people, but her personality is hilarious. She laughs and jumps and squeals. She's a shining star. She's really a happy kid most of the time.

But let me tell you, the terrible twos are beginning to show. When she doesn't want to do something she will frown and say, "No!" There are times when she will absolutely refuse to sit in her car seat and it's a battle to strap her in. She will pretend like she can't hear you calling her when it's time to change her diaper. She's a little firecracker. But she has my heart. In my eyes she can do no wrong. 

We are all so in love with this girl. She has all three of us wrapped around her little finger. I can't wait to see what this new year brings with our precious toddler.