Guest Post: 'Gut-Writing for God's Glory' by Victoria Wilson

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Victoria Wilson. I connected with Victoria through the Influence Network and she has definitely been influential in my life. Something that I love about Victoria and her writing is that she is always pointing people to Jesus. She's such a genuine and encouraging person. I'm also super impressed that this lady self-published her own book! It's called Re'and and it's good! 

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“Gut-writing for God’s glory” is my stake in the ground. 
Blogging and I have had a touch and go relationship. I started blogging to fill a college requirement for my term abroad. Back State-side, I continued blogging intermittently just for kicks. Eventually I noticed a few of my posts hit a nerve with people. Those early traces of community intrigued me. Motivated, my blogging became more consistent and my writing became more pointed. I began to take the Internet more seriously, wanting to deliver content that meant something. Wanting to write words that filled a deeper purpose. 

And those posts that struck people? 

They were the hardest ones to write.

Posts like when I apologized to my unborn daughter or explained why I wear two rings on my left hand.

Those posts came straight from my heart, with no watering down of the truth. They were the posts written quickly, in the heat of the moment. Desperate attempts to tack down my thoughts before the fire left my belly.Sometimes these were the posts that I agonized over for months. Wanting to ensure every comma, every capitalization, served a purpose.

“Gut-writing” is the stuff I write. Raw, real, honest stuff. 

Gut-writing should never feel ranty or judgy. It’s never cold and hopeless. I hope that gut-writing conveys passion and a sense of urgency. It is genuine; no veneer or pretense. Vulnerable. Gut-writing can be brave and timid on the same day, in the same sentence. It’s my best work, and a craft I strive to hone.  

That’s what gut-writing means to me, and I hope it means something to you, too.