keeping my eyes on Jesus

Sometimes life gets so discouraging, doesn't it? I don't even mean my personal life, I mean life in general. The news is full of tragedy. A horrible earthquake in Nepal has resulted in death and devastation. The death of a young man, possibly at the hands of police, in Baltimore has left the city tearing itself apart. It all breaks my heart and makes me question what is going on. 

And then I look at the Christian world and I see people ripping each other to shreds because they don't agree on different theological issues. It's just so messed up. It makes the cynicism within me rise up. I want to walk away and not have anything to do with these people anymore. I mean, how can there be so much hate and snarkiness amongst people who claim to love Jesus and His grace-filled message? 

When I was at church this weekend I realized something. I can't look at other Christians or to the world and expect warm fuzzies all the time. When I start looking at other people I have the tendency to get down, y'know? I get mad at the words people say. I get disappointed by crappy things people do. And just so you know, I'm sure people get disappointed in me too. I'm flawed just like everybody else. Heck, I look at myself sometimes and am utterly disgusted with my own sin. 

I need to keep my eyes on Jesus. It's all about Him. He is the One who came to the world on a love-filled mission. He is the one who delves out grace like it's never going to run out, because it's not. He is the Perfect One. He is the Lamb. And He never disappoints me. When I keep my eyes on Jesus I feel the cynicism subside. The anger dissipates. I feel lighter, more content. 

I need to keep my eyes on Jesus because He is my rock. "He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken." -Psalm 62:6