when mother's day goes wrong

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it wasn't exactly everything I had dreamed it would be. I usually try not to have high expectations for Mother's Day. My kids are still young. Isabel wasn't even aware that it was a special day. So I try not to expect too much because that's how disappointments happen. 

But against my better judgement I started dreaming up this fairy tale fantasy about breakfast in bed served to me by my angelic children. And then they would give me beautiful handmade cards and gifts for me to unwrap. Then we would have a beautiful get together with my family where everyone would be well behaved and perfect. And we would come home to a clean home and I wouldn't have to lift a finger all day. 

You guys, what is wrong with me? You would think I would realize by now that this is not my life. The morning was chaos and we all took turns having tantrums (myself and Alex included). I wasn't able to snap out of it until mid-afternoon when I decided I just wanted to enjoy the day no matter what. Even if we didn't do anything special I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed my kids who have made me the mom I am today. 

This motherhood gig ain't easy and I mess up again and again. But I'm learning and growing and God is always there to lift me up again. And thank goodness my kids are forgiving and always see me as super mom no matter how many times I mess up. 

So I hope all you mamas had a fantastic day, and even if you didn't I hope you are able to dust yourself off, move on, and remember what a blessing it is to be a mom. Life may not be picture perfect, but there is beauty in the chaos.