lucky number seven

Seven years. That's how long Alex and I have been married now. I'm not feeling that "seven year itch" that some people talk about, instead I'm feeling pretty lucky. Alex and I have had some nasty fights and gone through some dark times over the years, but I have never ever doubted his love for me. I've realized over the past year especially that Alex is a really special guy. I could not ask for a better partner in life.

He may leave his socks on the floor and forget to take the trash out...but he remembers the things that count. He knows my Starbucks drink by heart. He always brings me a cup of coffee in the morning. He understands I need "me" time and encourages me to pursue my passions. He tolerates my Real Housewives obsession. He picks up the slack when household chores are lagging. He knows all my favorite treats and indulges me when a craving hits. And he still looks at me like I am the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. He makes me feel beautiful and sexy and smart and capable and loved

So happy seven year anniversary, handsome. You're still my favorite.