on conviction and discernment (plus some links)

I've been spending more time with God lately and, if I'm honest, I don't always leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Sometimes I leave feeling conflicted and a little burdened. This is the prodding and conviction of the Holy Spirit. I know there are changes He is asking me to make in my life but I'm not always sure how to go about those changes. Sometimes I feel like the changes I need to make aren't even in my control. It's not easy to balance my needs and desires with the needs and desires of my family. After all, it's not all about me, I have a husband and kids to think about. And then there are the expectations of others. I know the only opinion that matters is God's but it's hard letting other people down, even if you're not really doing anything wrong. 

That's the tension I'm living with these days. How do I stay true to myself and the calling I feel is from God while keeping everyone around me happy and sane. Maybe it's not possible. I may not always be understood by those around me, but if God understands the motives of my heart, isn't that the most important thing? 

I'm still working through some things in my head. I'm trying to be very quiet because that's where God meets me, in the stillness. I'm trying to discern God's voice amongst all the other voices I hear on a daily basis. I'm having conversations with my husband and it feels great to be on the same page and to have him as a sounding board. 

I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit's conviction in my life. It reminds me that I am His. And when my life isn't matching up to His standard it's a good thing that I feel grieved. Now the important part is not to stay there. I have my hope in Jesus. I have His guidance. I have His grace when I fail again and again. The same Spirit that brought on the conviction in the first place is the One that will lead me in the way I should go. 


And now here are a few links I feel are worth your time. I love hearing from other brave women. I find their faithfulness so encouraging and hopefully you will too. 

The latest Thrive Moms newsletter on community was so good for my soul. 

This piece from Jen Hatmaker had me thinking about how I want to raise my kids. It's an excerpt from her latest book, For the Love, which I am in the middle of reading. It's both hilarious and full of truth!

My friend Kristen had me laughing out loud with her blog post on angry texts. THIS IS SO ME. Sorry (but kinda not sorry) for all the angry texts, Alex. 

I love Glennon from Momastery and this was great to read for the back-to-school season