Hannah, Prayer, and Trust

Photo by my talented husband: Alex Acevedo

Photo by my talented husband: Alex Acevedo

I am big into journaling. I have been journaling since I was a young child. I have several boxes filled with my thoughts and prayers. It's kind of embarrassing going back and reading some of the journals from my pre-pubescent and adolescent years. If you were ever a teenage girl you know exactly what I'm talking about. The drama is real! 

But I find it really helpful to go through my more recent journals because there are little nuggets of truth buried within the pages. I was flipping through my current journal and stopped at a page where I journaled through the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel. If I recall I think I was reading along with one of the She Reads Truth devotionals and going back to read through my thoughts on Hannah I realized that I needed this truth today...just as much as I needed it back when I first wrote it down. 

Quick recap: Hannah longs for a child. She is grieved because she has not been able to conceive. Her husband doesn't understand why she is so sad and encourages her to eat and drink and, basically, get over it. In vs. 9 of 1 Samuel 1, it says, "Hannah rose." This is a turning point for her. She made a choice, she had resolved to get up and do something. She prayed. She went to the temple and prayed for the Lord to grant her request. When she was done, she felt lighter. She was no longer sad. Let's be clear, nothing had changed. Her circumstance had not changed. She was still without child, but he heart had changed. She found her joy in the Lord, and not in a baby. Hannah brought everything she had inside of her to God as an act of worship. She believed in His power, she trusted in God's goodness, and she rested in His presence. 

You guys, I need this. I need this in my life. Why is it that I so often forget to pray? Why is it that I forget to trust in God to provide for my needs? Today I am choosing to be like Hannah. I am going to pray and I am going to remember that God is good, no matter what. And I hope that you will remember that as well. God has not forgotten you. Go to Him in prayer and worship. He is listening.