2017 Goals

Liam has his 2017 goals ready!

Liam has his 2017 goals ready!

I'm not one for setting goals. I like to think it's because I live a carefree life, but really it's because I hate failing. I fear failure the way most people fear flying cockroaches (you know that's you). But is that really the kind of life I want? 

Even when I have set goals in the past, I've not shared them publicly...because, again, fear of failure. I get embarrassed on my own, no need to let the whole world in on my shame. But there's something to be said for accountability, so I'm sharing my 2017 goals. Some of them are what you would expect: spend more time with Jesus, eat healthier, build up our savings account. But here is my number one goal for the new year: Write a book. 

I've been talking about writing a book for a while now. I've been scared to start because, how does one even write a book? So many words! I can't even organize it in my head. I need to do it though. Even if no one ever reads it. Even if it never gets published. I need to get the words out. I need to get this book out of my head and on to paper. 

So there it is. It's out in the universe now. If you see me in 2017, ask me about the book and make sure I don't give you any excuses for why it's not being written. 

What are your big goals for 2017?