Freedom to Make Changes

I turned 31 yesterday. 

I have to confess, I wasn't exactly excited about my birthday. I can't explain it really. It's not that I'm too concerned about getting older. I know I'm still "young," even if I don't always feel it. But maybe it's because my life doesn't look how I thought it would by now that makes me feel some kinda way about birthdays. 

Sometimes I feel stuck. Something about being in your 30s and being responsible for young children makes you feel like you have to live your life a certain way. But slowly I've been realized that I have the freedom to make changes to my life. We don't have to live a cookie-cutter life. We don't have to be afraid to make small or big changes that will affect our family. If I'm unhappy about certain aspects of my life that I have control over, I have the freedom to make changes. I don't need to live up to society's standards or my family's standards or even my own standards. All I need to do is be obedient to God. 

It's interesting to think about and even more interesting to act on it. I'm spending time praying and making changes little by little. Slowly the weight on my shoulders is getting lighter and lighter. 

I decided that my anthem for Year 31 is: "I want to have faith God can move through." I read that in Jennie Allen's book, Restless. It resonated with me. I want God to move in my life. I want to not be so rigid. I want to make sure that I feel the freedom to make changes as God moves instead of cutting Him off. 

I think this year is going to be a good one.