trusting God over my finances

The older I get the more I realize that trusting God is a lifelong pursuit. Even though God has come through for me in so many areas of my life and even though I have learned to trust Him with my family or my marriage or my future, there are still many other areas of my life in which I need to loosen the reins. 

One area I've always had a hard time trusting God is my finances. It goes deeper than that really. It's not just trusting that my family will have "enough money" to get by, It's trusting that even if we find ourselves in a situation where we don't have "enough," we will be okay because Jesus Christ is more than enough. The number on my bank account has no bearing on my standing before God. I am still His child. He still loves me and cares for me and has good for me. I can do hard things, including survive a season of "not enough money" because I have my Heavenly Father. And that's all we ever truly need. 

I've been lucky in the sense that I've never had to worry about money. My parents took care of every need and want growing up. They lovingly paid for my college and seminary education. And after marriage my husband has always worked hard to provide financially for our family. But life keeps moving, kids grow up and require more. I've been spoiled by my previous experiences with money and have freaked out thinking, "Wait, how do people do this? How do people struggle financially and live to tell about it?" But you know what? People do it everyday. And if we have to have some years of financial struggle, so be it. We will be all the better for it as we come to a firm realization that the Lord is all we need. As I have heard many pastors say, "Jesus + Nothing = Everything."