Intimacy over Influence

Over the weekend I was able to attend the Influence Conference in Nashville, TN. I'm really glad I went because I was encouraged and I learned quite a bit. All of the speakers had important, godly, eye-opening principles to convey. The one talk that really stuck with me was the one given by Rebekah Lyons. I have long admired her. She is transparent about her struggles with anxiety and has such a sweet and gentle spirit about her. 

In her talk she said that so often we have traded our intimacy with the Lord for influence in the world. Admittedly this has been a big struggle for me. I know what God is calling me to. I feel certain about my assignment (writing and teaching) and I have been working towards it with an intense focus. But sometimes I forget the most important thing - intimate one-on-one time with the Lord. No agenda. No other purpose other than to know Him more. Rebekah said, "Don't try to leverage intimacy with the Jesus for influence with people. You will lose both." 

I want to protect my intimacy with the Lord and hold it in much higher regard than my influence over people. I want to remember what the Lord says about me and not be swayed by how others convey me. I want to be anchored in His Word. I want to be anchored in His assignment for me. All the other things will either fall away or fall into place. I won't be wondering, "Did God really say...?" if I remember to keep Him first. I'll know what He says if I maintain my intimacy with Him. 

How willing are we to trade the anointed calling on our life for a brief moment of fame? I don't want to be at all willing.