Worshipful Writing Workshop

On Friday evening I will be teaching my very first writing workshop. Even though I don't consider myself an expert in writing, I have been doing it for most of my life. I started writing when I was only a child. I loved putting mini books together and making up stories. Now, as an adult, I make a living with my writing. 

Over the past year or so I have thought long and hard about what the purpose and goal is behind my writing. I have realized that I want my writing to have a hopeful voice. I want my writing to point to something bigger than myself. I want to worship God with my writing.

In this workshop I will be discussing the "why" behind our writing and we can use words to minister. Words are of utmost importance. God has given us words to empower believers, uplift people around us, edify our world, and glorify Him. Let's get together this Friday night and talk about how to do that as writers. 

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