being fully known

I recently finished reading the She Reads Truth book by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams. Their ministry has always been a blessing to me and I was excited to dive into their first book together. 

The book did not disappoint. I read it along with two other women and we came together every other week to discuss what had impacted us in our readings. I loved gaining insight from these women and I loved how this book touched each of us. There are a lot of good points in the book, mainly that we should always hold on to the Truth revealed in God's Word. 

One little nugget of truth from the book that I wanted to share is about our motivation for coming to God's Word day after day. Rather, I wanted to talk about my motivation and how deeply flawed it was. 

I tend to pride myself on my intellectuality. I've always been "the smart one." I have often approached the Bible purely for knowledge. I wanted to know more about the Bible just so I could say I knew more about the Bible than the average person. I went to seminary and treated the Bible like just another textbook. I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with wanting to know about the Bible on an intellectual or theological level. I think the world needs Christian scholars. But the thing is, that's not all the Bible is. The Bible is not a textbook or an instruction manual. The Bible is God's Word and in it we find that we are fully known by a loving Father.

"I came to the Book for knowledge, but in it I find that I am fully known."

God sees past the front I put up. He knows I'm not as tough as I make myself out to be. He knows that I'm not as smart as I pretend to be. He sees me. He sees the real me. All of me. And He loves me. The real me. All of me. 

It's the same for you. He sees you. All your flaws, all your mistakes, all your victories, all your quirks. He sees and knows all of you. And He loves you. Just as you are. What an incredible feeling to be fully known and fully loved. There's no facade with the Lord. We don't have to pretend or hide or put up front. We can come to Him just as we are, fully known and fully loved.