my kinder grad

Liam graduated kindergarten last week. I know every mom thinks her child is special, but Liam really is! ;-) He's truly a smart boy who learns quickly.  This year he excelled academically. It was rare that he didn't bring home straight A's on all of his assignments. He earned the golden reading award and the conduct award. He has also developed interests in art, Lego building, and video games (Minecraft forever). Below is a letter I wrote to him in celebration of this milestone. I am proud of my boy. He works hard and always does his best. 

Dear Liam, 

Today you graduate kindergarten. There have been many times over the past five and a half years in which you have made me proud. So far, this tops them all. 

When I say that you are an extraordinary child, I mean it. From the moment you were born you made a statement. You have always been headstrong and determined. In some ways parenting you has been difficult. I mean, can't you just do what I say without giving me a well-thought our argument?! But in other ways, parenting you has been easy. You basically taught yourself how to do everything.

I still remember when you were only a year old and already knew half of your letters. Now you're five and you're reading like a champ. I can't even take credit for any of it. Every time I sat down with the intention of teaching you how to read or add numbers, you already knew how to do it. You have an amazing ability to retain information. You take pride in your school work and it shows in your accomplishments. I hope and pray that you always work hard to achieve your goals. I have the feeling you will rise to great heights. 

I'm also proud of the sweet boy you are. I can see that you are a good friend to your classmates and that you strive to do the right thing. There have been times when you haven't made a good choice, but you own up to it. You apologize and you try to make it right. I love that about you. I pray that you stay humble and rely on God to guide you through life. 

I love you, son. You bring me so much joy and light. Congratulations on the first of many graduations. This is only the beginning. 

Love always,