Transformation Tuesday


I have started writing this blog post several times. I will get a few sentences out only to delete it all to start over. I simply don't have the proper words to express how good God is and how in awe I am of Him. 

Alex and I have already shared on social media that our family will soon be moving to South Carolina. The announcement was met with a mix of surprise, elation, and a bit of sadness as well. 

Miami has always been home. We have an amazing community here between family and friends who are like family. It pains us to leave our little village, but we realize that God has been preparing a place for us at Transformation Church in South Carolina. We can look back on all of the things that have happened in our lives over the past ten years, and how they all point us to this new adventure. 

Today is Alex's first official day working at Transformation Church. I made him send me a photo of him on his first day because I'm sentimental like that. I want to always remember the best #TransformationTuesday there ever was. Look at that smile! Proud of you, babe. Can't wait until the kids and I are by your side again. 



If you want to keep our family in your prayers here are a few requests:

1. For Alex to excel at work. I have no doubt he will, but starting a new job can leave your head spinning. 

2. A house! We need one. We are hoping to find something in Fort Mill specifically. Also, having three bedrooms and two bathrooms would be stellar. 

3. For the kids to adjust well. Right now we are in Miami until the end of the school year. I know they will be missing their dad. Pray for their hearts. And keep praying for them once they transition to SC. For new friends and lots of love!

4. For me. I'm doing okay. I am fully trusting that God will carry me through this season of being apart from Alex. I am also fully trusting that He will provide community for me in our new home as well as a job that will help to support our family. 

Thanks, friends.